Michael Nieves

Lead Pastor

Michael Nieves is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College where he earned a Bachelor of Science Bible and a Masters in Ministry. He also attended Trinity International University where he pursued a Masters in Divinity. He has worked in local church, inner city para church, rural, children's, youth and music ministry. He planted Centerpointe in 2002. He, his wife Jillian, and three children, Miah, Caleb and Jonah are all natives of Western New York.

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Matt Schroeder

Youth Ministry Director

Matt is married to Nichole Schroeder, and they have one daughter, Anna. He holds a Bachelors in music and a Masters in Music Education from Fredonia State, and he currently teaches music at Cleve Hill School. He enjoys hiking and hockey, when he’s not doting over Anna or playing a mean trumpet!

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Jillian Nieves

First Impressions Team, Girlfriends Ministry Director & Pastoral Support

Jill is the wife of Pastor Michael, and they have the best three kids ‘evah.’  She has recently learned how to use a sewing machine and has a slight obsession with fabric and thread.

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Rebeccalynn O'Neil

Office Administrator

Becca was born in Colorado Springs, CO and was mostly raised in Alaska. Military life is all that she has known since the age of 4. Her dad was in the Air Force, she joined the Coast Guard, and married a Coast Guardsman. Becca and her husband, Jason, have two amazing kids along with a miscellany of kid type animals. As her family is nearing the end of their military journey, she prays it is God's will to stay in Buffalo and finally live somewhere for longer than 4 years. This would be a huge answer to prayer as she loves this church family and wants to set down roots and continue to grow in this community.

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Justin Brittain

Worship Director

Bio coming soon!

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Volunteer & Service

Children's Ministry (Elevation Station)

These ministries are for nurturing and compassionate adults that love kids. Elevation Station is our ministry for children from birth up to 5th grade. We have three environments for these age groups.

Launch Pad (Nursery) - Birth to Age 2
There is no instruction or formal program for this class. Rather volunteers are expected to snuggle and nurture the little ones placed in their care. Scheduling is week to week.

Cadets (Toddlers) - Toddlers and Up
Volunteers in this environment are provided with a craft and story to share with the children. The time is unstruc- tured and built around plenty of play. Volunteers are re- quired to share the story and facilitate the craft and it is up to the volunteers when is the best time to do that during the service. Scheduling is week to week

Elevation Station - Pre-school to 5th grade
Elevation Station is also the name given to our third and most comprehensive children's ministry environment. Within this ministry there are a several roles:

  • Set Up - the room needs to be set up and sound and video equipment arranged. This needs to be done on Sunday mornings before children arrive beginning at 8AM

  • Large Group - This ministry is best suited for up front people who enjoy performing in front of crowds. The large group time consists of skits that illustrate the main point of the teaching. Large Group performers are provided with skits and materials weeks prior to the performance. Meetings are an important part of the success of this ministry, are held during the week and are required.

  • Small Group - The small group leaders work with students in groups no larger than 10 at tables. In this environment leaders facilitate conversations surrounding the main point of the lesson and will often be given a craft or activity of some kind to reinforce the lesson. Meetings are also required and are often scheduled on the same day as the large group meetings.

Scheduling for Pre-K through 5 is four weeks on straight. 
Concierge Team

This ministry is for outgoing people that love people.

The concierge team are the protectors of our first impression. They are the smiling faces that set the tone for everyone attending church for that day. They are very flexible in their duties and generally try to make all our guests comfortable.

Specifically, they greet people as they come in the door and help our guests acclimate to our service. That may include helping them get their child to the proper class, helping them find a seat or answering questions about our services. After service, they staff the Info Bar where guests are encouraged to stop by and pick up their free gift and regular attendees can ask questions about other ministries. If guests do not come to the Bar, the Concierge team will find our guests and make sure to personally place the gift in their hands.

Concierge Team members are placed on a rotation and are scheduled according to their availability. Usually no more than twice a month. 

Cafe Hospitality Team

This behind the scenes person will enjoy creating a clean and comfortable food service environment.

Relationships are vital to the health of a church. To facilitate the building and sustaining of relationships we have a cafe that opens into what operates as our sanctuary. Cafe Team members are responsible to set up the Cafe before service, display our refreshments, prepare beverages and clean up after.

The successful volunteer for this ministry will love to en- tertain, and serve behind the scenes. They will need to be available on some Saturdays or early Sunday mornings. Cafe Team rotates on a schedule and may serve as little as once a month. 

Tech Team

This ministry is for behind the scenes, service and detail oriented people.

This ministry has a couple facets. One is the set up. This includes running and connecting cables prior to services. The other is operation. The board operator must be able to ensure that the up front presentation proceeds smoothly. Operation includes the video presentation, live mixing of the worship team, the live streaming video of the services to the internet and the recording of the message to hard drive. On occasion upgrades and troubleshooting may need to be done. Volunteers in this department will be contacted and expected to help as they are able.

Training is provided and volunteers can choose to specialize in a certain area or learn it all. Operators are placed on a rotation according to their availability. Depending on the number of operators it could be as little as once a month.

Worship Team

This ministry is for up front, musically talented and mature Christ followers.

This ministry employs music as a tool to help people experience the presence of God during the service. Candidates will meet with the worship director and set up an audition and then attend weekly practices prior to joining the team. Worship Team members are held to a high standard of conduct and character and additional requirements will be presented after the audition stage. Worship Team members will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Drama Team

This ministry is for up front actors who can convincingly play a variety of characters.

Our church uses creative means to communicate biblical truth. On occasion the use of a live skit, or dramatic reading might be employed. This up front person will be able to memorize scripts and perform them compellingly. 

Vocal Team

This ministry is for up front, musically talented and mature Christ followers.

While our church leads worship primarily with a worship band there are occasions where the use of a Vocal Team helps the church communicate a message or create a certain experience. A Vocal Team would be used only sporadically during the year. A Vocal Team director would work with the volunteers well in advance. The successful volunteer will be able to sing, attend practices and follow instruction. 

Set Design

This behind the scenes creative & task oriented person will enjoy creating new and interesting looks for the stage.

This ministry is for creative people with an emphasis in decorating. The Set Design team imagines and builds stage backgrounds that compliment the teaching series. This team is informed of the message series weeks in advance and installs the set prior to service. The volunteer will be available to meet with the pastor and creative team to go over the teaching series and have time to design, build and install the sets prior to Sunday.

Set Up Team

This task oriented behind the scenes person will do the lifting that is needed to set church up.

The set up team prepares the physical environment for our services. Every week we pull our church out of storage and set it up. Successful candidates will be task oriented and enjoy manual labor. Set up occurs on Saturday afternoons, generally between 2PM-4PM. While a two hour commitment is best, a good team will usually be done in a little over an hour. The job includes chairs, sound equipment, some ladder work, and cleaning. Team Members will be trained on the proper way to set up and placed on a rotation and scheduled as little as once a month. There will always be at least two people scheduled for any given weekend. They will sometimes work with the Design Team to install new sets. Commitment and follow through is important.

Small Group Facilitator

Small groups are a vital ministry of our church. In a small group, attendees find the type of deep relationship that embodies our church. As our church grows, it becomes increasingly easy to lose the close sense of community. Small Groups are a built in system of authentic relationships. Small Groups are gatherings of 8-12 people who study the bible and biblical principles together. Small groups can happen in any location at any time during the week. They are most often taught by experts through a teaching curriculum and discussion that follows is mediated by a group facilitator. Facilitators are provided with training and resources to maintain a healthy group dynamic. 

Youth Ministry (Thrive)

This is our ministry to Jr. and Sr. High students. It meets Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm. The regular duties include facilitating discussion, teaching and playing games with pre-teens and teens. Volunteers in this ministry must be able to relate well to Jr and Sr high teenagers. They will also need to have a flexible schedule to attend and chaperone events. This person will need to be highly relational, young at heart and be a maturing committed follower of Christ.

Event Planning

The person will be organized and administrative who understands all the moving pieces of an event and enjoys working with those factors. Events range from simple gatherings to large.

Our community wide 9/11 5K race which has hosted over 200 runners and an additional 200 guests is an example of a large event. Other examples include partnering with the community in their events. Like the Fourth of July Carnival or the Holiday Tree Lighting. Duties will include recruiting volunteers, designing and producing resources, promotion, getting sponsors, coordinating locations, researching costs. Events are scheduled well in advance and will be scaled to fit the budget and ability of our team. All planning will be done in a team environment. Many events will have an evangelistic focus with varying degrees of intentionality.


In house gatherings often are much smaller in scope than events. For these smaller venues party planners would be expected to coordinate a meal and set up and decorate the venue. Some program details may be included. Party planners are given the scope of the party some time in advance and will connect among themselves and divide the tasks.

Community Care Team

This unique team has volunteers that are both task and rationally oriented and love to meet needs of those less fortunate.

This group of people embodies the love of God to our church and outside community. As needs are presented within our church the Community Care team responds by meeting that need. Some examples may include bringing a meal to a new mom, yard work for a sick church member, or repairs for a member who is unable to afford them.

Trade Team
The trade team is a group of individuals that posses abilities within the trade field. Including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, painting, concrete work, carpentry, site work, dry- wall, insulation, framing, flooring and gardening. This group is the “go to” team for the trade work within the church and for those in need within our church and ministry partners. As the latter they function as a specific extension of the Community Care Team.

Media Team

The media team works specifically with Video and Photography. Volunteers on this team will take raw video footage and craft that footage into videos that will be posted on our web site, shown in church and used as promotional tools. They will also take high quality photos during services and special events to be used as promotional tools and archives. Examples include Baby Dedications, Weddings, Baptisms and Outreach Events and Holiday Services. The team will be assigned projects based on skill level and availability. 

Design Team

The design Team works with layout and design. They produce print media that is used in various ministries across the church. Successful volunteers will have skill in any of the following programs: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher or PageMaker. They will be able to produce creative documents, posters, tickets, post cards, advertisements and newsletters in a timely way that reflect the style and branding of our church. Projects will be assigned based on skill level, priority and schedule. 

Web Team

This group works to manage our internet presence. The successful volunteer will have an ability to work with and understand how the internet functions. Knowledge of HTML is helpful but not required. People on this team will be required to post new sermon messages to our web site, upload them to iTunes, manage the archive of our streaming internet simulcast, and the updating of our web site, it's images, calendars and content.


Part-time salary cleaning position available. Contact the church office for applications.