Week 1

By the Book Parenting in an Anything Goes World

Every parent enters parenthood with nothing but the highest of hopes for their child. And yet, despite our greatest desires, we are witnessing what appears to be a complete derailment of our children as they enter adulthood. Our neighborhoods, chatrooms and evening news are full of stories chronicling the misadventures and outright tragedies of young adults. What is the cause? The answer may surprise you. This message explores the biblical precedent set in scripture of how parenting affects the trajectory of the next generation.

We all have high hopes for our kids to live a productive life. A life on the rails.

In an “Off the rail”s world:

  • 7th and 8th graders when asked if anyone in their family had been lost to violence, 3 out of 5 raised their hands.
  • Guns in schools
  • parents murdering their child

In an Off the rails world:

  • Grammar school students - fighting
  • MS students – nude pictures
  • HS students - shootings
  • College Students - shooting
  • Young Parents – neglect and abuse

HOW? Do we get to a spot where the kids we treasure love and want to see succeed exhibit the kinds of “off the rails” behavior we see on TV?

Indulgent Parenting
   1 Samuel 3:13

Eli in the temple. Show me a kid who gets everything they want and I'll show you a kid no one wants to be around. Love says NO. Love disciplines.

Wicked Parenting
  Jeremiah 9:14

Calling wickedness goodness. Racism. Dishonesty. Disobedience. Disrespect.

  Ezekiel 20:18

Ignoring that fact that children are learning what it means to be an adult by watching us. How sad is it when someone or something needs to come along and says, whatever you do, don't do what you mom and dad did? Not realizing you are living the mistakes of your parents.

  Proverbs 17:25

Grief. And not to mom and dad alone. But, to shop owners, other kids parents, the legal system, the court system, the prison system.

The Remedy
  Psalms 127:3

Your kids are not your own. You are stewards. You are not raising kids, you are raising adults. God's standard is the best standard. Your character to their character.

Psalms 78:4

Get on the rails. Rails means going someplace predetermined. Off the Rails means burning, disrupting, exploding. Rails is smooth and uneventful. Off the rails is bright, loud, and head turning. Rails don't get much attention. Off the rails gets lots of attention. Off the Rails makes the news, gets talk time, sells records, gets hits. Don't be deceived. Get on the rails. You and your kids were designed to go on the rails.

RAILS is Obedience, Respect, Honesty. Stay on the rails!! Keep your kids on the rails!