Week 1

Is There Not a Cause

Reflect at this time of the year. What have I done with my life? What have I done with this year? What are you going to do with your life?

1 Samuel 17:29

Is there not a cause? I want to talk to you about a cause today. A cause defines. A cause drives. A cause is a compass. As we are here and setting our course for the next 52 Sundays, it's critical we all share our common cause.

OUR CAUSE: Every man woman and child.

Lancaster, Cheektowaga, Depew


86 Burlington


900 people in 3 gatherings
300 people in 30 small groups
100 students in youth group
100 children in Elevation Station
Staff for Youth and Children
1000 volunteer hours

Where is that going to come from??

Lancaster's population is 31,685. Depew's is 24,425. Cheektowaga (split into 2 zip codes) is 32,751 and 22,821 respectively. That's a total of 111,682. That's only .8 percent of our local population! If we can trust God for anything, we've got to able to trust Him for . 8% of the population. We can only hope that He can trust US with the responsibility to disciple .8% of the population into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Whats going to take us there? Passionately Pursuing the Lost. Intimately Abiding with Christ. Rightly Persisting in Community. Diligently Living Generously. Sacrificially Serving the Kingdom.

The holidays are behind us. Christmas is past. The trees are coming down. The lights are coming off the house 2015 is being written on our checks. What is before us? What will mark this new year? Will this year happen to us, or will we happen to it? Will this be the year that we make our mark?