Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner of CenterPointe Community Church.

Often the word used to describe this level of involvement is “membership.” We have chosen the word partner very intentionally. Membership is often used to describe an exclusive relationship where a fee is paid or “buy-in” is purchased in return for special privileges. Members are entitled, members buy-in, members pay their dues and receive special benefits.

We are creating a different kind of relationship.

Partners are part owners of the organization and their success is connected to the organizations success. Partners find themselves vested in the success or failure of the organizations to which they are partnered. This is exactly the relationship we hope to create with you and your church.

It is an orientation of love, service and sacrifice for the good of the mission of our church. The mission of God. The kingdom and glory of God. The magnification of His great name. The unity of His Body.


Centerpointe Community Church exists to give every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to see, hear & respond to the gospel and become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

At the basic level, partnership is a commitment to a local church, and part of a much larger commitment to Christ.


There's a commitment to God. You're affirming that you are indeed a Christian who is desiring to follow Jesus, and you've been baptized to publicly show your allegiance to Him.


You're committed to the mission of CenterPointe Community Church. You know our mission statement and you are playing an active part in leading people from where they are to where God wants them to be. This means you're serving somewhere and you're financially supporting the church.


You are committed to growing in your faith. No matter how long you've been a Christian, there are still steps you can take to become more like Christ. As a partner, you're acknowledging that you're taking an active role in the discipleship process – either through participation in a Small Group, by taking classes, or by personal, spiritual disciplines.

The Partnership Process at
Centerpointe Community Church:


A person is identified by a staff member, Small Group leader or Ministry Team leader or a person expresses interest in partnership.


They attend the Partnership environment


They complete a Partnership Covenant, which includes the opportunity for them to share their salvation story and asks about their personal faith goals.


They identify their Small Group leader or Serving Team leader.


Involvement levels are checked and a conversation ensues as needed.


There is ongoing communication.


Ready To Take The First Step?

Please email us to express your interest in becoming a partner and you will be notified of our next Partnership Environment!