At the end of the day the best any church will be able to do is create an environment where God is given free reign to work. The best environment for that to take place is a Small Group. We strongly encourage all attendees to experience and commit to a small group experience.

We have several different types of groups and welcome the opportunity to hear from you about other types of gATHERINGS that may meet your specific need. Keep reading to find your place.

Spiritual Discovery

Centerpointe encourages involvement from all types of people from all walks of life at varying places on their spiritual journey. For people who are just starting out, investigating the claims of Christ or who have yet to make an informed decision about Jesus, this group is for you. This ten session group walks participants though the basics. It is the perfect group for people investigating faith, returning to the faith or starting out in faith.


These groups meet the unique needs of married couples. Featuring open and frank conversation in a safe environment couples experience great conversation and teaching as they learn from proven marriage experts. Learning happens through DVD’s or Books and discussion. Conversation is facilitated by the host.


Men have always been called upon to be the spiritual leaders of their household. These groups encourage, equip and empower men to fulfill their full role. Full of candor and banter these authentic groups give men the right tools to do the job right the first time.


No one understands the unique perspective of a woman better than another woman. These groups provide a safe and open conversation for ladies of all walks of life.

Bible Study

Sometimes you just want to dig in. These co-ed groups take a slow walk through a book of the Bible.


Everyone gets injured along the way.  Most do not take the time to recover.  This group is for people who are ready to rehab their hurts and get back in the game 100%.


If you would like to get involved, want more info on any of these groups, or have a different need, please email us. We’d like to help get you plugged in the way the best suites your needs!